A heart for community.


Paul and Montika Collins met in 2008, while Montika was starting nursing school at ORU and Paul was finishing up his education at Rhema Bible College. They fell in love and were married in 2011 during Montika’s Spring Break from nursing school. They later conceived and Montika had the joy of taking her NCLEX while she was 8-months pregnant with their son Xavier (thankfully the test administrators were supportive of her frequent potty breaks)! Ha! Together they parent three babies who they homeschool.

Paul and Montika had a heart for their community from the start and have consistently sought through the years for the best way to pursue the vision that God blessed them with. From the 1st annual Lift Every Baby Celebration event, they have loved seeing this vision take form as they seek to support and empower their local communities towards long-term health and wellness.

Their mission at its core is to strengthen local communities by ushering in a generation of healthy families regardless of their socioeconomic status. They do this by combining their individual strengths and skills alongside the strengths of other practitioners in the area with a heart to serve. Together they form Total Family Wellness, an integrative healthcare team that includes health and wellness coaching, tri-point release, holistic and integrative lactation/breastfeeding support, youth ministry and camps, nutrition guidance, wellness retreats, local training and seminars, business and life coaching, cooking demonstrations, fitness education, and spiritual support.


Meet Our Team

Check out this video for Sowing Wellness - a local collaborative health care center that Innovations PC Fit LLC is proud to be a part of! Video by Brittany Fisher