Montika started working with my daughter when she was just 2 weeks old due to her inability to properly latch at the breast and having colic. Montika helped her get a better latch through the use of body work and cranial sacral fascia therapy. My daughter had her tongue and lip ties lasered 4 weeks ago. Montika visits us 2-3 times a week now and helps us with oral exercises and stretches to insure the integrity of the procedure. I HIGHLY recommend Innovations Lactation and Breastfeeding service to for any baby who struggles with feedings, has colic, difficulty napping, or reflux issues. Montika has helped my daughter so much with her natural instinct with babies. We have seen a huge improvement in my daughter’s overall demeanor: she is less fussy at the breast, has a better latch, is more relaxed, sleeps better, and is overall much happier. We no longer feel like our baby is suffering, and we are thrilled with the results we are seeing.
— Lori Bates

I’ve not seen more compassion for babies and the job that she has with them, than Montika. She did not waste any time, knowing that she was there to fix a problem. Very professional and kind. Loved our experience with her!!!
— Jeri Blackwood

Montika went way above and beyond to help me and my toddler with a hiccup in our nursing journey. As a fellow IBCLC, I knew something wasn’t right, I just couldn’t put my finger on it. Montika’s holistic approach was just what we needed. My toddler had pain and muscle tension related to a frenotomy the same week. Montika worked so very patiently with my hesitant toddler. Before our consultation, we hadn’t actively nursed in 48 hours. After she left, we were back to normal and nursing like we were used to!
— Ryan Pickle, IBCLC

Montika is definitely worth the travel to Tulsa! She is extremely thorough and really showed me how to properly latch my girls. She has been able to help us in ways no one else has!
— Vanessa

My doctor referred me to Montika for her services, and I am grateful to her for it. With issues such as tongue and lip ties and low milk supply, my breastfeeding journey has been a challenging one, and I have required specialized and continuous support. Montika has offered that with expertise and compassion. There is much to appreciate about the care she provides, but a few things that especially stand out are her holistic treatment approach, her provision of in-home services—Who can take a baby with feeding issues to appointments all the time?!—her position as a NICU nurse, her responsiveness—She even came to help me on Father’s Day!—and most importantly, her concern for ME, as well as for the breastfeeding relationship.
— Rachel

I have put numerous of my home birth clients in touch with Montika when they are experiencing breast feeding struggles postpartum. She is always so quick to respond and is so helpful and available no matter how long it takes to get to the solution of the issue. She is knowledgeable and very compassionate. I’m so glad for her expertise in our community!
— Faith Morie-Freeman, CPM