At the heart of TFW is Innovations Family Wellness, our non-profit that focuses on giving people of all socioeconomic backgrounds the best possible start to a lifetime of health and wellness, using a Mind, Body & Spirit approach.



Who we serve:

We serve all ages, infants, youth, single adults, married adults, and elders. Our mission is to strengthen local communities by ushering in a generation of healthy families regardless of their socioeconomic status. Innovations Family Wellness serves pregnant and breastfeeding mothers as well as women of childbearing age. We also serve youth, single and married men and women, and the elderly. Innovations Family Wellness is also honored to serve our country's Veterans.


What we do:

We provide low cost, high quality, experienced, accessible breastfeeding support, healthy food choice examples (community specific), along with health and fitness education to areas where access to these services is extremely limited.

Total Family Wellness will travel to various locations in the Tulsa Metroplex that have been classified as “food deserts” or where breastfeeding support with ethnic providers is not readily available. Community outreach, home visits, physical and mental health education, and support, along with fitness coaching and guidance are imperative to us changing our trajectory.

We focus on access to healthy foods in our community, access to above average health care, and access to EDUCATION, beyond just saying eat a healthy diet! A healthy diet means something different to each of us based on our education and our access to REAL LIVE FOOD. We seek to make a significant impact in the health & wellness of our community!

Our services include:

  • Health and Wellness Coaching

  • Tri-Point Release

  • Holistic and Integrative Lactation / Breastfeeding Support

  • Youth Ministry and Camps

  • Eating Healthy on a Budget

  • Training and Seminars

  • Integrative Nursing

  • Herbal Nutrition

  • Wellness Retreat

  • Veterans Rehabilitation

  • Group Classes

  • Personal Training

  • Business and Life Coaching

  • Cooking Demonstrations

  • Healthy Food Choices (community specific)

  • On-site and mobile breastfeeding support.

  • Fitness Education

  • Spiritual Support

  • Perinatal Care

  • Alternative Healthcare Services

  • Community Events



Our Goals

Decrease infant mortality rates.

Decrease maternal mortality rates.

Decrease the incidence of high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity and other common treatable diseases.

Increase the initiation of breastfeeding rates.

Increase the duration of breastfeeding to the World Health Organization’s recommendation of 2 years of age or more.

Teach families how to shop for “real, live food” on a budget and how to prepare it.

Improve Disabled Veteran’s Quality of Life


Annual Lift Every Baby Event

Our Lift Every Baby event is a celebration of the best food for all babies: Breast Milk! Each year we collaborate with businesses and healthcare providers across the Tulsa area to promote breastfeeding awareness, as well as bring awareness to the disparities in the number of Black women who breastfeed and the maternal health crisis. We hold our event each year during National Breastfeeding Month and Black Breastfeeding Week. We truly believe that increasing our breastfeeding numbers starts with one community at at time. Black infants and mothers are dying at alarming rates. Breastfeeding lowers the maternal and infant mortality rates of us all. Together we can normalize breastfeeding nationwide!